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The Complete Encylopedia Of U.S. Coin Varieties

Copyright 1994-2000

The Complete Encylopedia of U.S. Coin Varieties is a book which I am Currently compiling. Although new varieties are being discovered daily, the book will never be completed. I hope this site will help in identifing your varieties.

How to use this site

The setup of the site is quite easy to read. First listed is a main variety. For example

K01-10 Type of 1856
K=first initial in my last name
10=first major variety followed by the variety

Then all subvarieties will follow. Such as
K01-11 Square O in OF
11=subvariety of K01-10

K01-12 Squared inner O in OF
12=subvariety of K01-10

If your coin is not a "Type of 1856", then go to the next main variety K01-20